Toyota GT86 Rear V2 Suspension Drop Knuckle Kit


The GT86 rear V2 kit is made of high strength steel. It is a bit heavier than the V1 kit, but it is stronger, stiffer and has more adjustment options and improved features. In addition, an optional MOD-kit can be added to V2, which allows you to increase the grip even more and add some extra speed to your car.

Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ / Scion FRS is a well designed car for enthusiast drivers. The car performs well on the streets and can be driven fast on a race track. If the focus is more towards performance, then the car will drive even better with lowered ride height, but then the factory designed kinematics won’t work as they are supposed to. Wisefab suspension kit brings the roll center, bumpsteer, anti-squat and camber curve back to normal range, provides better roll stiffness, handling and grip.

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All knuckles, links and arms are made of high strength steel
CrMo rod ends and sphericals used instead of rubber bushings

Adjustable shock motion ratio
Shock motion ratio can be adjusted by changing the shocks position on the arm. It can be done quickly and has the effect of changing the springrate. This means that understeer or oversteer can be removed within a few minutes

Easy camber adjustment

Easy bump steer adjustment

Kit includes:

  • Pre-set suspension arms
  • Knuckles with hardware
  • Installation guide

Other information:

  • Track 40mm (20mm per side) wider than original. Please check the halfshaft length!
  • This kit assumes coilovers
  • Original wheel speed sensor can be used
  • Possibility to use with OEM bearing/hub, Nissan S-chassis bearing/hub or Lexus IS (XE20) bearing/hub
  • Minimum rim size is 17“