Nissan 370z Front Rack Relocation Kit


Want to get rid of those offset spacers? Precise and rigid wheel control at extreme angles. Check out this rack relocation kit for your Nissan 370Z or Infinity G37.

“This manual describes the process of modifing the Nissan 370Z (2008-2020) front subframe. With this modification steering rack is moved forward. This setup can only be used with Wisefab 370Z Angle kit. Stock engine mounts can be used with this subframe upgrade. Engine will be 3mm higher. Solenoid delete kit included. All the stock bolts and nuts are needed.”

A quote from our installation kit.

There is no welding needed to install this rack relocation kit.

Subframe modifications are same for the RHD and LHD steering rack. We have used a left hand streering rack for this installation guide.

Here is some tools you will need:
*Safety equipment (Googles, gloves)

*Marker, masking tape, scissors


*Angle grinder for cutting and sanding

*Ratchet strap

Check out how easy it is to install this moficitation kit. Check the link below!

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