Nissan 350Z Rear Suspension Drop Knuckle Kit


The Wisefab Nissan 350Z Rear Suspension Drop Knuckle Kit is designed to optimize the kinematics of a lowered car by providing a higher roll center, lowered antisquat, revised camber gain, and reduced bump steer for maximum grip. It features built-in anti-squat and camber adjustments, with all links pre-set by Wisefab, eliminating the need to change lengths during installation. Setting up the 350Z Rear Kit kit is easy, and spare parts, including every nut and bolt, are readily available for purchase. Simply scroll down to order your spare parts here.

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Here is our recommended alignment parameters:

Toe in/out: 3-10mm toe in/per side
Camber: -0,5

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  • Revised kinematics, not just dropped knuckle.

    • The top arm front pickup point is raised by 40mm for better antisquat. This correlates with all the known championship regulations. For lower grip and wet conditions the original pickup point can be used as well.
  • About the same weight as original aluminium suspension.

    • All the metal components on Nissan 350Z rear suspension are from high strenght steel, including sheetmetal components, tubes, tube ends and rod end housings. Rod ends and spherical bearings used, no rubber bushings.
  • Easy camber adjustment.

    • Special teethed washer is used for adjustment.
  • Bump steer adjustment.

    • Possibility to adjust bump steer by changing rod end location in a slot.
  • Anti-squat adjustment.

    • Possibility to adjust anti-squat by changing the top forward link height on upright.
  • Adjustable antiroll bar (swaybar) motion ratio.

    • There are 3 possibilities for antiroll bar drop link attachments. 
      Changing antiroll bar motion ratio is quick and easy way to tune your car understeer/oversteer.


Kit includes:

  • Pre-set suspension links.
  • Knuckles with hardware.
  • Pick-up point relocating bracket.
  • Installation guide.


Other components:

  • Hub to hub length (track) is the same as original, as this is defined by halfshaft lengths.
  • This kit assumes coilovers to adjust ride height and use spring around the shock not on rear link.
  • Possibility to use Nissan S-Chassis hub with bigger CV joint.
  • Minimum rim size is 17“