Mazda RX-8 Rear Suspension Drop Knuckle Kit


Rear suspension kit for Mazda RX8 and this kit is also suitable for the MX5(NC 2005-2015). Wisefab has revised all the kinematics and built a complite new knuckle for the RX8. Higher rollcenter and less camber gain. Adjustable anti squat and bumpsteer to ensure the best sideways performance for your driftcar.

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  • Suitable for Mazda RX8 and MX5 NC (2005 – 2015)
  • Revised kinematics, not just dropped knuckle
  • Higher rollcenter, revised camber gain.
    Mazda RX8 rear suspension kit will provide good kinematics with lowered car, adjustable antisquat and bumpsteer for maximum grip
  • Anti-squat adjustment
    Possibility to adjust anti-squat by changing top forward link height on upright
  • Bump steer adjustment
    Possibility to adjust bump steer by changing rod end location in the slots
  • Slightly lighter than original aluminium suspension
    All the metal components on RX8 rear suspension are from high strenght steel, including sheetmetal components, tubes, tube ends and rod end housings. For weight reduction and stiffness purposes all the suspension links are tubular straight design. CrMo 3-piece design rod ends and spherical bearings used, no rubber bushings
  • Clearance for up to 110mm CV joint

Kit includes:

  • Pre-set suspension links
  • Uprights with hardware
  • Installation guide


Other information

  • Hub to hub length (track) is the same as original, as this is defined by halfshaft length
  • Knuckles have dual caliper setup
  • This kit assumes coilovers to adjust ride height
  • Minimum rim size is 17"