Chevrolet Corvette C5 C6 Rear Suspension kit


The Wisefab Corvette rear kit is designed to push the engineering limits of the popular American sports car - Packed with features that allow for a wide range of adjustability, as well as many built-in safety features to help save the chassis during impact, we proudly present the ultimate FD legal solution for the chassis!

Our Corvette rear suspension kit has all the features you can expect from the racing product: Double adjusters on each arm for quick and easy alignment adjustment, a bump-steer bracket is added toe-arm  that offers rigidity and dynamic toe adjustment. A detachable lower shock mount for effortless coilover removal. The OE knuckle is retained and upgraded with our spherical bearing conversion for the upper knuckle mount.


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Main features
  • Compatible with both C5 and C6 chassis.
  • Retains the OE knuckle.
  • Double adjusters included for quick and easy alignment adjustment.
  • Adjustable upper control arm.
  • Adjustable track width.
  • Adjustable bump-steer.
  • Adjustable knuckle angle (knuckle can be clocked).
Lower arm
  • Double adjusters included on the subframe side for quick adjustment.
  • Shock mount relocated for additional axle clearance.
  • Multiple shock mount pickups for adjustable motion ratio (inwards softer, outwards firmer).
  • Shock mount is removable for easy coilover removal.
  • Adjustable sway-bar mount.

Upper arm
  • Compatible with both C5 and C6 - Length is adjustable to suit both chassis.
  • Double adjusters included on the subframe side for quick adjustment.
  • Includes hardware to convert the OE upper knuckle mount to a spherical bearing.

Toe arm
  • Ultra high-clearance design.
  • Double adjusters included for easy static toe adjustment.
  • Designed to absorb the energy of potential impacts and collapse, thus aiding to prevent possible damage to other parts on the chassis.
  • Includes subframe mounted bump-steer brackets for added rigidity, further aiding against possible damage to OE knuckle during impact.
  • Dynamic toe adjustability via bump-steer adjustment. Move upwards for more toe-in under compression, and downwards for less.